Snow Train To The Alps –

Snow Train travelling through snowWelcome to, your one stop site for all there is to know on snow trains, InterRail trains and travel to the Alps.

Taking a snow train to the French Alps are a superb way to reach your ski and snowboard destination. Think of the time spent hauling your skis and snowboards through the airport, the long wait at check-in and then the drawn out coach journey to your resort. Traveling by snow train is ideal for those looking for a fantastic start to their holiday without the hassle of air travel.

No cramped leg room, no restrictions on electrical equipment and no unnecessary waiting. Taking the snow train even means that ski and snowboard equipment is carried free of charge (which means more of your holiday budget being spent on well needed beverages). Board the snow train 30 minutes in advance of your departure time from London’s St Pancras International station, Ebbsfleet International or Ashford, sit back and relax.

Eurostar ski trains run from December to April and you have a choice; take the day train and the awesome sights of the Alps or take the night train with the knowledge that a Friday afternoon departure will ensure you’re on the slopes on Saturday morning.

Departing from St. Pancras International, Ebbsfleet International or Ashford the Eurostar Snow Train makes several stops throughout France before finally reaching the central location of Bourg St. Maurice, deep in the French Alps.

Why not even embrace the wider European rail network provided by Eurostar, TGV and SNCF and let your voyage take you in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond.

Rail Europe provides wider access to other train stations throughout the Alps, as well as a comprehensive Inter-Rail service which allows you to travel throughout Europe from Sweden to Spain and from Belgium to Bulgaria.

So if you’ve ever fancied taking that long weekend and then staying an extra couple of nights – go ahead, you’ll only regret not doing it.

Go Green – Take the Snow Train!

With the highly publicised issue of man made global warming, the UK population is now fully aware of how damaging climate change can be for the future. So taking a snow train to the alps as opposed to a carbon-emitting plane journey can help reduce your own carbon footprint.

Eurostar echoes this sentiment an firmly believes passenger numbers rose this year due to people switching from planes to trains to curb pollution. You can read more on snow train news, and the new Eurostar service in our news section.